International Year of the Spine


International Year of the Spine is a grass roots movement formed to promote non-invasive means, both preventive and remedial, for care of the back and spine, especially, but not exclusively, the Alexander Technique.

Why the International Year of the Spine?

Play. Spiraling, circling, running, jumping, bending. Children find time for it in the best and worst of times, exorcising demons, modeling behaviors, playing by the rules, and changing them at will. Bless them all. Let them be kids in knowledge and in their environment for as long as possible. The cares of the world will impinge soon enough. They are so flexible, free, and malleable, and that too will change, perhaps before our very eyes. Malleability and freedom will yield to conformity and the torture of the school desk. Children, who love and need to move, will learn the mechanism of slumping and sitting still, and only later will we wonder why over 90 per cent of them will suffer back pain during any given year of their adult lives. Some will find it an annoyance. Some will find it searingly painful and debilitating. Who would not save every one of them from that if they could? Postural and movement education – the development of self awareness, buoyant uprightness, and advantageous use – should be their right all their young lives. How far we are from that. Other rights necessarily take precedence, the right to clean water, pure food, and medical care. Yet we must begin somewhere, for as the twig’s bent, the tree’s inclined. We invite to membership all those who would claim for their generation and those to follow certain rights that have heretofore not been claimed by any group, namely, the right to insurance provided, or in-school postural reeducation for adults and children everywhere.
- Alan Bowers, Founder and Curator

Founding Members: Brita Forsstrom, Marja Bennett, Alan Bowers, Angela Bradshaw, Nicholas Brandon, Amy Ward Brimmer, Karen DeHart, Rena Anya Devéza, Adrian Farrell, Sandrine Harris, Mark Josefsberg, Karen Loving, Carolyn Nicholls, Barbro Olsson, Buffy Owens, Imogen Ragone, Robert Rickover, Lynn Brice Rosen, Jennifer Roig-Francoli, Elizabeth Scupham, Eileen Troberman, Stella Weigel

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